Megan Plunkett

Plus One
Me as a Dog/Big Dogs, Small Dogs, These Dogs Are Fine Ones
Live Rust, Not Right, Long As I Can See
Wake in Fright
I Bet You Wish You Did and I know I do
I Can See to the Way I'm God Damn Able/Subiaco/The Brave Dog


The Kingsboro Press

On Friday, April 13th, 2018 we invite you to debut of "Me as a Dog", Megan Plunkett's installation of recent photographic works at Vilnius bar Who Shot John. The works installed, gathered images of dogs who vicariously appear in various “for sale” postings on Craigslist and printed in standard headshot format, are embedded throughout the interior space of the bar. The installation continues Plunkett’s interest in the material condition of photography, here touching on issues of appropriation and how the site of an image operates as an opportunity for staged navigation.



MP: Over the last year, I started looking at Craigslist nearly everyday. I began to notice, peppered through the photos of various items for sale on the site, photos where dogs had wandered into the frame of the image. Standing alongside the cars, agricultural equipment, marijuana grow lights for home use, free wood, couches and generally out-casted items being hastily sold off, the dogs' presence seems, most often, accidental. Although, sometimes, it's not as clear. Some of these dogs are stars! As my friend Ethan likes to say, “You can’t measure presence.”  

At many bars in Los Angeles, where I grew up and continue to live, actors’ headshots are oftentimes plastered on the walls of dive bars across the Valley. The glossy, 8x10 inch prints of these aspiring stars of the silver screen are at once décor, archive and cue. I had been searching for just the right the way in which I wanted to present my dogs, when I was watching television [1] and saw an image of these headshots during some nondescript scene in a bar. [2] The perfect doghouse had been staring at me all along, hiding in plain sight.

[1] David Hammonds once said in an informal interview with the New Museum that one reason he liked being an artist is that you can watch TV as much as you like and write it off as research

[2]Barry, Season 1, Episodes 1 and 2